1 - 1.98" EZ Lube Dust Cap with Rubber Plug (21-41-KIT)


Regular price $3.75

1 - Standard 2000-3500# axle dust cover for both EZ Lube and regular style axles
Part Number: 21-41-kit

Fits Standard Brake and Idler Trailer axles with some 4 and most 5 lug hubs (1.98 inch dia. cap)  
These will fit 95% of all 5 lug axles, BUT, some axles may be different size, measure first! 
The hole the cap presses into is just a shade under 2 inches (1.98").

Fits Spindle O.D. = 1" or 1-1/16" 
Outer hub I.D. = 1.98" 
Outer Bearing = L44643 or L44649
Outer Cone = L44610

Price is for one (1 Cap) enough for one side of an axle, buy as many as you need, free shipping on the extra ones.