2 Trailer Axle Spindle Seal Repair Sleeve Kit Upgrade 6000# 1.938 2.63 #4 Spindo (05617)


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2 (TWO) - 2.63" Seal Spindo Seal Axle Repair Kit #4

Fits many 6000# Spindles (Dexter ALKO AXIS)

This will cover the worn or damaged seal area on standard 6000# Trailer axles (1.9 seal ID Size)
Basically repairing a damaged Axle seal area. 

Includes 2 new seals, and 2 new repair Sleeves

Spindo Seal is a high quality seal system designed to end grease leakage. Seals will last many years because they ride on a permanently smooth, corrosion-proof surface constantly greased.

This Sleeve will repair Damaged seal area on common 3500# Trailer axles (Dexter, ALKO  and others) 1.9" x 2.63" Seal size

Kit includes:
[2] Corrosion Proof Stainless Steel Rings 1.297" ID 
[2] Rubber O Rings
[2] Double lip Neoprene Seals to fit new Stainless steel repair sleeves. 1.9" ID

Read THIS:
These axles have a 1.250" ID inner bearing, and 1.9" ID grease seal.
The repair sleeve in this kit is 1.297"ID, so it will easily go over the damage seal area.

Kit number 4 below: