Dexter 10x2.25" Brake Backing Plate Set 4400# - 4 Bolt SPECIAL Mounting Pattern (23-462-463-KIT)


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Pair - DEXTER 4400# Electric Brake 10x2.25" Backing Plates 
Made in the USA

Part Number: 23-462-463-KIT

This brake backing plate has a 4 bolt mounting pattern and is also for 4400# Dexter axles after May 1, 2009. The top 2 mounting bolts are spaced at 2-7/8 center to center. The center spacing between top and bottom mounting bolts is 3". Between the bottom two mounting bolts is measured at 3-1/4" spacing, pictures above.  

Over the years, we have worked on THOUSANDS of trailers... and have learned that when the brake shoes wear out, the magnet is not far behind. We almost always replace the entire assembly. It saves time and worries of breaking down!

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