Metal, Spring Loaded Cabinet Door Strut RV Camper Boat

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Regular price $5.99

This auction contains: 1 x Metal spring loaded strut with mounting bracket (pre-assembled)

Measures: Strut and Bracket - 6-3/8"
Strut - 5-1/2" Long Extended
Stroke Limit 1-1/16" (distance allowed to move)
Mounting Bracket - 2-1/2"l x 1/2"w x 1-1/8"h

This strut is made to help hold up or open cabinet doors, compartment doors, or almost any other small door. This product is made of steel. This strut is standard in most RV's, campers, or other recreational vehicles. The mounting bracket on one end has a riveted pivot that you easily screw bracket onto the cabinet door. The opposite end has 1 screw hole to mount this strut to the cabinet unit. This strut is very easy to install with 3 standard screws (not included).