Nev-R-Lube 50mm Bearing Cartridge Dexter Never Trailer Axle 8-385 7000# 8-389 (031-071-03)


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Nev-R-Lube 50mm Bearing Cartridge

DEXTER Nev-R-Lube™ 50mm Bearing Cartridge is a direct replacement cartridge.  This cartridge are designed to be used on D70 and D80 leaf spring axles, #12 and #13 Torflex axles rated to 8,000 lbs that have the Nev-R-Lube™ spindle.
 These cartridges are not designed for marine use.

NOTE: Wheels must have Zero offset to .19" inset
Bearing Measures 50MM ID x 84MM OD x 54MM LONG

This Bearing fits drum "008-385-82" and the drum will have "8-385" or 8-389 cast into it
5 year or 100,000 mile warranty against defects in material and workmanship