1 FT Increments Trailer Wire 14-4 Double Jacketed Cable plug cord Connector Light 14GA Camper (WTC144-5)

R & P Carriages

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14-4 Heavy Jacketed Trailer Cable, by the foot! 
Part Number: WTC144-5


Designed for trailer use, the internal wires are single conductor fine stranded copper, and are color-coded. Trailer wire is ideal for wiring trucks and trailers due to its durability and high resistance to cracking, abrasion, oil, acid and natural elements. The heavy black rubber jacket remains flexible, even in cold weather! Protects wire from damage.

Has four wires, 14 gauge each, Rated 15 amps each:

Common colors on a 4 wire trailer/camper are:
Green= Right turn/stop
Yellow= Left Turn/Stop
Brown = Marker Lights

Red = Extra Wire for Back up lights, battery charge or ground, etc.