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About Us

Welcome to R & P Carriages Trailer Parts Store.   We would like to give you a little background on our company.  We are a small family run company that has been growing since 2002.  We started just selling a few trailers and then branched into a few trailer parts.  We have grown and we share the discounts that we receive on the products that we purchase with our customers.  You are the ones who kept purchasing from us and allowed us to grow and purchase larger quantities which then saves all of us more money.  We now have many different trailer brands and now have a repair shop.  We have found there are some parts that we sell and use a lot of so that is where this all began.  So by purchasing on our store here you are saving even more money because we don't have any extra fees like the other sites we sell on and would like to start getting away from.  You are welcome to call in and order off the phone or order off the site here - we have everything listed here in stock and we ship everything ordered the following day (unless it is a weekend) so feel free to try our store and we welcome any comments that you would like to give us to help us improve.  We are still working on the store and adding products everyday.  We have a lot of products so if you do not see it here you are welcome to call and ask if we have it or even if we can get the item.  We Thank You for your business and will try to do everything possible to keep it!  You can see all our trailers at RandPCarriages.com.