Gas Spring LPG6-D-200-20-QQ or GN6-200-20-75MM Strut Prop Rod RV Camper Door (LPG6-D-200-20-QQ)


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Black Nitride Shaft Gas Spring Strut Rod 
LPG6-D-200-20-QQ or GN6-200-20-75MM
( 20" Long, 8" stroke and 20# force) 

This strut is also engineered with SPECIAL custom dampening to work properly with an RV door and is found on many Campers and RVs

Used for RV Doors  

This gas spring combines all the proven reliability you have come to expect from a gas spring along with the added feature of a nitride shaft. The gas spring incorporates a strong annealed steel rod with a Nitride coating for added corrosion resistance - especially when used with the all composite ball end fitting. It is ideal choice where exceptional quality combined with an over all black appearance are important for your application.