1/2" Thick Recessed 5000# D Ring Zinc Plated 4 Bolt Car Trailer Truck (RR05)


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1/2" Thick Recessed Bolt On Zinc D Ring 
Part Number: RR05

You are Looking at a really sharp, NEW 5000# capacity D ring.  This D ring measures 5" across, 4.5" wide, and is fully recessed. (3/4" deep) The center loop lays flat down in the D ring when not in use.

These are typically used in high end "top of the Line" transport trailers, Motorcycle trailers, and trucks. They can be mounted on a wood or steel floor, the back of the truck, roll off flatbed, boat dock, etc.

They are fully zinc plated for rust free service indoors or outdoors, and can be bolted or welded into place.  Price is for one D ring, but I have LOTS of these, just bid for the number you want. If you need a large qty, just let me know, I will list more.