Basic Kit 5x5.5 Drum 3500# 10" Self Adjusting Backing Plate Left Only Trailer (94555-B-FSA-IMP-L)

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Replace Your
Left Brake with a
 5 x 5.5 Bolt Pattern with 
a Left Backing Plate
Part#: 94555-B-FSA-IMP-L

(5-1/4" Stud Spacing)

If you have a trailer with a bad left brake that needs to be replaced, this kit has what you will need. This kit fits standard 3500# axle, either Spring or Torsion, EZ lube or Standard. Click here for wire and installation instructions

Complete Trailer Brake Setup, with drums, seals, Bearings, Brake shoes, new hardware, backing plates,  for one side of an axle! 
for 3500# axles from Dexter, AL-KO, AXIS, Quality, and others!

Most 5 bolt wheel trailers are 3500# axles. (does yours have a 2-3/8" axle tube?) Some small trailers (usually with small tires and a 1-5/8" axle tube) will have the smaller spindles, and for those you will need a smaller (or larger) brake kit

Measurements from Center Bolt Hole to Center Bolt Hole is 2 7/8" on Backing Plate

This Kit Includes: 
ONE- LEFT SELF ADJUSTING Brake backing plate, 3500# per pair, 10" x 2.25
ONE - New 10" brake drum, 5.5" bolt pattern with races already pressed in
 hardware to attach backing plates to axle mount plate (special 7/16 nuts).
All brake hardware, springs, levers, magnets, shoes, etc.
New inner grease seals
All New Wheel Bearings (Shipping loose with kit):
ONE- 1.7" 10-19 seal
ONE- L44649 bearing
ONE- L68149 bearing
FIVE- Matching lug nuts, 1/2-20
ONE- New EZ Lube Dust Cap


In addition, you should see a small square plate welded to the axle tube, with 4 holes, (to bolt the brake plate to) and your axle tube will be about 2 1/4" OD.
If you have a 2.75" axle tube, it is the larger 5200, 6000, or 7000# axle
If you have the smaller 1-5/8" axle tube, it has the smaller 2000/2200# axle

This auction is for a trailer with a 5 bolt, 5.5" bolt pattern!  I stock all sizes, so please check my other auctions or specify you want a different size!