1- 5x5.5 5 Lug 3500# Drums with Dexter 10" Never Adjust Backing Plates Left Side (94555+023468-kit)


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1-5x5.5 5 Lug 3500# Drums with Dexter 10" Never Adjust Backing Plates Left Side

Part Number: 94555+023468-kit


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This Kit Includes:

1- 5x5.5 5 lugs 3500# Aftermarket Drums
(5-1/4" Stud Spacing)

- Lug Nuts For Drums
1- 10" Never Adjust Dexter Backing Plate Left Side Only
Washers and Nuts for the Plates
1- HD-3500 Bearing kits:
1-44649 (1 1/16") Bearings
1- l68149 (1 3/8") Bearings
1- 1019 (1.719") Seals
1- 1.98 Dust Caps with dust covers

Never Adjust Backing Plates:
  • Eliminate brake adjustments
    • Brakes automatically adjust to deliver optimum performance and braking power
  • Reduce stopping distances 50 percent more than other brakes
  • Save time and money
    • Do not have to get brakes manually adjusted
  • Reduce tow vehicle brake wear
    • Proper adjustment leads to better brake efficiency
  • NOTE: nuts and lock washers are included
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In addition, you should see a small square plate welded to the axle tube, with 4 holes, (to bolt the brake plate to) and your axle tube will be about 2 1/4" OD. If you have a 2.75" axle tube, it is the larger 5200, 6000, or 7000# axle, and if you have the smaller 1-5/8" axle tube, it has the smaller 2000/2200# axle     (see my other auctions for brake kits for these) 

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