1.980" 50W Hub Oil Bearing Protector fits Trailer Buddy Axle Boat GOLD Series (07501U)

R and P Carriages

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1.980" 50W Hub Oil Bearing Protector

Part Number: 07501U

Designed for use with Trailer Buddy Gold Series Axles by UFP. Using the inspection window, check the oil level in the hub every time before you launch your boat. The hub level should be completely full of oil. Individually priced. 

Trailer oil bath bearing protector for torsion and spring style Trailer Buddy Axles TBG Gold style oil cap


  • 1.980 OD 
  • for 3500 lb. hubs and rotors.
  • stainless steel construction
  • Inspection window easily allows you to check oil level
  • fits standard 5 on 4.5" UFP hubs