1 -AUX Reading Utility Lite 12V 3diode W/Switch Motorcycle off the grid Kaper II (L09-0122)

Kaper II

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Kaper II   L09-0122

1- Interior Utility Cargo Reading Auxiliary   Light

Very Bright

Great for a Motorcycle or ATV Trunk Light, Reading Light for the RV (wouldn't bother others kinda spot type light) Off the Grid they would work as under cabinet lighting. 
We have 12v lights throughout our house in the country so when the lights go out we still have lights.  Power has gone out for 4 days before. 12v lasts forever on a battery.

*Fully Sealed and Waterproof
3" Long 7/8" Wide 15/16" Tall
2 1/2" Hole Center To Hole Center
*12 Volt
*2 bare wires
*3 Diode
*With Switch
*2 holes for mounting

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