1 - Dexter ALKO 6 Lug Hub with Bearings 5200#, 6000# Axel 6x5.5 Idler Axle (100-0751-KIT)

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6000# 6 hole Idler Hub Assembly

Includes Hub, New Bearings, Nuts, and Rim Clamps

This unit fits the standard #42 axle Spindle used on most Mobile Home axles, and 5200#, 6000# and 7000# trailer axles.
Bolt Pattern of 6 on 5 1/2" (6x5.5")

One New 6 lug hub
One NEW 25580 Inner Bearing (1.75" ID)
One NEW 15123 Outer Bearing (1.25" ID)
One New 2.125" ID grease Seal

Note:  Not All Mobile Home Axles Are The Same, Please Verify Your Bearing Sizes that you have (1-1/4" outer ID, 1-3/4" inner ID) Before Purchasing for a mobile home axle.

Measure to make sure your spindle size. You need a 1.25" outer bearing, and 1.75" inner bearing. Seal size can be either 2.25" or 2.125". we send both, use the size you need.

Also, this has never been a issue, but people have asked. The normal spindle length from the shoulder the inner bearing pushes against, to the end of the spindle should be about 4-1/4 or more. When installed in the hub, the bearings are about 3-5/8" outside to outside.