1- New 25.5" Trailer 3 Leaf Spring 1000#-1250# each (2000# & 2200 axle) Camper (PR722)

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ONE- 3 Leaf Spring for 2000-2000# Axles (Rated to 1250# per spring) 
Part Number: PR722
Cross Reference Numbers: DE-7222, UNA-219, SW3B

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Pictures shown are FILE PHOTOS, and the actual spring. This spring will have 3 leafs

- Used for 2000# & 2200# Axles
- Rated to 1250# per spring (use two springs per axle) 

- Number of Leaves: 3
- Free Length: 25.25" 
- Free Arch: 3.18" 

- Width: 1.75" 

This is the most common trailer axle spring in use today. It is the standard leaf spring found on the 2000# trailer axle from most manufacturers. Rated 1250 pounds per spring, for a 2500# combined capacity per axle. Used on 2000# and 2200# axles.  Measures 25.25" from bolt center to bolt center, and 1.75" wide. (if your spring is a bit longer, if it has been stretched)