1- Solar step Utility Lite 12V 3diode No Switch Camper RV Motorcycle KAPER II (L09-0121)

Kaper II

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Kaper II   L09-0121

Very Bright for such a small light!
1- Interior/Exterior Cargo, Auxiliary, Utility, RV, Solar, Off the grid under cabinet lighting, Step Light
Can be wired together and put on a switch.
We have 12 volt lights placed around our house in the country so when the power goes out we still have lights.  We have one over the Generator so we have light to get it running and one at the fuse box so we can see to flip the switch. 
*Fully Sealed and Waterproof
*12 Volt
*3 Diode
*Without Switch
*1 hole for mounting
*1" Long x 1"(with tab for screw) x .5" Thick