1 - USA - TecNiq Amber Dual Function STT 3 LED EON Light w/Vertical SS Mount (E03-ASV3-1)


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One - USA MANUFACTURED - TecNiq Dual Function Amber/Clear Lens Eon Lights with Stainless Steel Vertical Mount 
Part#: E03-ASV3-1

Auction is for 1 light -

(Picture below shows where Paul Used 3 on the back of his motorcycle)

Powerful LED lighting for extreme environments

Finally a light brighter than many LED lights this size, but Small enough to hide anywhere! 

Perfect for Motorcycles, ATV's, Custom show cars, Snowmobiles, 
anything that you need a BRIGHT Dual function LED light, but need it small, easy to hide!

Powerful LED lighting for extreme environments

Dual Function Amber light with clear lens. Perfect for a auxiliary Turn/Brake/Marker light. 

Small enough to "Disappear" but more than bright enough to get your attention!
More than bright enough to been easily seen in bright sunlight! 
Also doubles as a "dimmer" Amber marker light
, so it is a true "dual function" light

Manufactured in the USAusing globally sourced parts by USA workers!

  • Dimensions: 2.9" x 0.9" / 2.9" x 0.7"
  • Lumen: 150
  • Voltage: 9 - 14V DC
  • Current: 0.12A
  • LED's: 3
  • Wire: 9” 
  • Mounting: Surface mount using (2) #8 oval head screws
This Light case is Vertical MOUNT and is Stainless Steel