1 -USA TecNiq Red Clear EON LED Dual Function STT Motorcycle W/vert SS Mount (E03-D003-1 + E03-0SH0-1)


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1  - USA MANUFACTURED - TecNiq Dual Function Red/Clear Lens Eon Light
with Stainless Steel Horizontal Mount
Part#: E03-D003-1 + E03-0SH0-1

Listing is for 1 light -

(Picture below shows where Paul Used 3 on the back of his motorcycle)

Powerful LED lighting for extreme environments

Finally a light brighter than many LED lights this size, but Small enough to hide anywhere! 

Perfect for Motorcycles, ATV's, Custom show cars, Snowmobiles, 
anything that you need a BRIGHT Dual function LED light, but need it small, easy to hide!

Powerful LED lighting for extreme environments

Dual Function Red light with clear lens. Perfect for a auxiliary Turn/Brake/Marker light. 

Small enough to "Disappear" but more than bright enough to get your attention!
More than bright enough to been easily seen in bright sunlight! 
Also doubles as a "dimmer" red marker light
, so it is a true "dual function" light

Manufactured in the USAusing globally sourced parts by USA workers!

Listing is for Stainless Steel Horizontal Mount

  • Dimensions: 2.9" x 0.9" / 2.9" x 0.7"
  • Lumen: 150
  • Voltage: 9 - 14V DC
  • Current: 0.12A
  • LED: 3
  • Wire: 9 or 36
  • Mounting: Surface mount using (2) #8 oval head screws
This Light case is Horizontal MOUNT and is Stainless Steel

Not a CHEAP light! 

If you are looking a Cheap light, (that might quit is a few months), and light output that is "Disappointing" then shop around for a cheap China Import, this is not that light!
I personally guarantee you will be satisfied with the light output of this light, or return for your money back!


Bigger and brighter than the Dragon light, our Eon series pairs 3 powerful next generation LED's with our high efficiency lenses. Don't be fooled by the number of LED's, each of these powerful devices produces as much as 20 times the output of the old style LED lights. The white eon light has a light output equivalent to a 10 watt halogen lamp while drawing less than 2 watts of power.

Like our dragon light series, the lens bodies are constructed with high impact automotive grade poly carbonate and are fully sealed with our proprietary urethane. Combined with our 100,000 hour (color), 50,000 Hour (white) life and high-polish stainless steel cases, these lights are perfect for outdoor use and aesthetically pleasing enough for indoor applications.

Eon series light bodies are mounted using either of two case styles (as shown) to direct the light parallel or perpendicular to the mounting surface. 

  • POWERFUL: 3 Next-generation LED's make this compact area light-equivalent to a 10 watt halogen.
  • VERSATILE: Case options project light perpendicular or parallel to the surface.
  • EFFICIENT: Draws only .15 A at 12VDC, rated for 50,000 hours.
  • STYLISH: High polish stainless steel cases and multiple LED colors available.
  • DURABLE: Waterproof, Shock, and vibration proof. Fully moisture sealed design.
  • SAFE:Remains cool to the touch.

This light is dual function, it has a dim and bright. It works like a brake light but is not DOT approved. This small versatile light would make great turn signals for a motorcycle. Or an accent turn signal for a car, truck, or trailer