10- 3/4" Grommet Amber Clear Lens Bullet LED Light Series J-55-AC (J-55-AC-LOTOF10)


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R and P Carriages 270 E Jackson St Seneca IL 61360

10 Pack (TEN) of  lights!

 Single Amber Diode LED with Clear Lens Light
Part Number: J-55-AC-LOTOF10
Available in amber and red and white. 
*Grommet fits 3/4 inch hole. 
* Hard wired design prevents lamp-plug failures and cannot corrode. 
*Fully sealed!
* Meets Federal requirements for clearance, side marker and ID lights. 
*DOT/SAE Approved J592E
* 8-16 volt operating range.
* 17 Milliamps
* Rubber Mounting Grommet Included
Can be used as Courtesy, Clearance,  or Indicator Lights

Price is for TEN Lights, Free shipping