8- Shackle Links Strap 3.5" on Center Trailer Leaf Spring fits Dexter ALKO Axis (SL-3.5-LOTOF8)

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Lot of 8 3.5"
Shackle Links


These 3.5" Long shackle links connect double-eye leaf spring to the rear hanger or equalizer on trailer suspension systems. Shackling the 2 components together instead of bolting them directly allows for the necessary pivot of the springs.


  • Link connects double-eye spring to rear hanger of single-axle trailer or equalizer of multi-axle trailer
  • Connection allows movement to take place, ensuring an evenly distributed load between axles


  • Length: 3.5" from center of hole to center of hole
  • Overall dimensions: 4-3/4" long x 1-1/4" wide
  • Bolt hole diameter: 9/16"