100- 14" Zip Tie Strap Wire Harness Screw Anchor Hole Mount Base Cable Attaching (LPC-44SMB)


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100- 14.00" Zip Tie Strap Wire with screw Anchor hole mount Base 

Part Number - LPC-44SMB

High quality domestic cable ties / zip ties / wire ties.

These UV stabilized, high tensile strength, light weight, flexible, all nylon and non-corrosive cable ties are an essential item for any use.

Our ties are a highly reliable tie wrap solution perfect for effectively and efficiently meeting the requirements of a tremendous range of cable and wire bundling and organization projects around the shop, trailer, ATV, Truck Car or boat. Perfect for stereo installs or aftermarket lights and accessories

These versatile, exceptionally durable standard tie wraps can easily support up to 20 lbs. of cable bundling force. Available in convenient size  14.00"  which will wrap around a bundle up to 4.00" around.

The hole size is 3/16"

We use them when wiring trailers to keep wire together and tied up out of the way, both inside cargo and horse trailers, and outside under the trailers and campers.  Simple tie wrap the wire, then we use a small self drilling screw to hold in place. 

This is a package of 100 ties, if you need more, put the number of "100 packs" you want, in the box next to the buy it now button.