11/16 White Clear Jammy Bullet Light 1 LED Waterproof Marker Accent P2 Rated (J-5-C)


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11/16" White/Clear Waterproof Accent Light, ATV's, Motorcycle, Pond, Pool, RV Accent, Boat, Livewell Anywhere! 

Part Number: J-5-C

Want a LED light, that is practically invisible when not in use? easy to install? Fully sealed so you can put them ANYWHERE? (even underwater!)

This Small LED mounts in a small hole, use for Step lights, Dock lights, accent lighting on your Car or truck, map light for your RV or camper,  in your pond for indirect lighting, perfect for marine use!

Anywhere you want a LED light! THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES! 


  •      Operates 9-16 Volt DC Systems

  •      Rated @ 100,000 Hours of Service Life

  •      Requires 11/16" (.687) Hole
    1" Lens 

  •      Shock and Vibration Proof

  •      Cool to the Touch

  •      No Corrosion

  •      Rated for Underwater Use

  •      1 LED

  •      P2 Rated

Includes Rubber gasket, nylon threaded nut, and 16" leads

This Auction is for 1 - 1" White Lights with Clear Lens 

We offer them in the following colors: 

Red with Clear Lens 
Amber with Clear Lens

White with Clear Lens 
White Clear  Green/Clear
    Green with Clear Lens 

Blue with Clear Lens