1156 Red 18 LED Replacement Upgrade Bulb Car Truck 1195 1073 1141 (HD1156RSD-18)

Heavy Duty Lighting

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1156 Series Style Red 18 LED Bulb

Part Number: HD1156RSD-18


- Single Contact/Single Function
- Fits Most SAE Cross References - 67, 89, 1003, 1156

- Super bright light dispersion design.


- 18 Super Duty LEDs!
- Width: 0.93" 
- Height: 2.0" 
- Voltage Range: 7.5 - 14 VDC
- Amp Draw - 0.29A
- Fits standard vehicle sockets.

For aftermarket use. May not comply with SAE or U.S. DOT standards. Perfect replacement for most* incandescent vehicle lighting.   

*Resistor Statement: Since LED bulbs draw much less current then standard incandescent bulbs some vehicle computers may think a bulb is out. 

If installing LED bulbs in your car, truck or motorcycle causes your blinkers to blink fast or causes other electrical problems, it may be necessary to install a load resistor to correct these problems. 

*Thermal Flasher: LED brake/tail lamps may not work with some older thermal flasher units. An LED brake/tail lamp will require an electronic flasher/blinker unit which is commonly available at your local auto parts store.