12.25" x 4" Brake Back Plate Self Adjust Trailer Right Side 10000 Heavy Duty Cap (023-439-00)


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R and P Carriages 270 E Jackson St Seneca IL 61360
12.25" x 4" 10,000# Heavy Duty 
Nev-R-Adjust Dexter Brake Backing Plate
PN: 23-439
MPN: 023-439-00


Fits Drums that will usually be marked "9-27" 

This is a complete 12-1/4" diameter electric brake assembly made by Dexter®. A complete, or otherwise known as "loaded", brake comes pre-assembled and ready to be mounted onto your flange with existing bolts and nuts. If existing hardware is no longer useable, new ones are available here for purchase.


Dexter® 12-1/4" electric trailer brake assembly features and specifications:

  • Right hand (passenger's side) 12.25" x 4" electric drum brake for use with 12-1/4" drums Drum part number usually stamped "9-27"
  • 7-hole flange mounting hole pattern 
  • Has an individual weight capacity of 5,000 lbs. (10,000 lbs. per pair)
  • Good for up to 10,000 lbs. axles (Dexter "Heavy Duty" 10,000# Axle)
  • Made in USA