"Stick On" 12" Pebble Grain Vinyl Gravel Scratch Guard Liner RV (VGG12)

R and P Carriages

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12" Wide Roll of Vinyl Guard "By The Foot"

Part Number - VGG12

You are looking at my "Scratch Guard Vinyl" covering. I use this material to cover areas of my Trucks and Trailers that are subject to Rock chips or severe wear, or slippery metal surfaces. This product is a thick black vinyl with a rough texture and a super sticky adhesive back. It sticks to almost anything!  It looks good, and has many uses, including fender guards, rock guards, step covers, Truck bed rails, Boat trailers, or any area that needs a little dressing up, or protection from scratches or chips. It has the look of the spray on bedliner, but is much easier to apply!!!

The material is 12" wide, price is for ONE foot of length (I can cut any length, just put the number of feet you want in the box next to the "Buy it now" button before you press the button).

I also have it available in 18" and 9" widths. The pictures show a 15" x 9" piece I have cut and put on a trailer fender, you will be getting sheet of the material, 1 feet wide, by however long you want it (up to 150 feet per roll). 


Another use for this Vinyl:
I tried to drill a hole in my Motorcycle Fair for a 12 volt outlet. It cracked to pieces. 
So I use some fiberglass patch to put it back together, then use this vinyl to cover the MESS!
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Closer view, it looks factory!
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But if you look underneath, you can see the damage and repair