4 - Reese Tie Down Tarp Clips w/Easy Adjust Button 9429400 Canopy Tarp Cover (9429400)


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4- Reese Secure All Purpose Clips for Tarps, Tents, Canopy, Cover Tie Downs
Part Number: 9429400


This auction contains: 4x Reese tarp clips


  • Quick release button for easy removal
  • Easy mechanics, simple design
  • Heavy duty - crack resistant
  • Tie down tarps, tents, canopies, etc.

  • 3-3/8"L x 1-1/4"W x 7/8"H
  • 3/8" diameter anchor point hole
  • Heavy duty hardened plastic

Reese Secure has made these clips to make life easier with tying down tarps, tent toppers, canopies, covers, etc. With the extremely durable plastic, these clips can help hold tight almost any tarp. Trust me once you have these you wont go back to "old school" tarping with bungees or rope. The clip is so simple to use, just tie or strap thru the hole and place the fabric you're holding down in the vise-like teeth end and move the slide to lock it as tight as needed. BOOM! Done. Want to make tarping life easy? Buy these!