14 - 3/8" D Ring 5000# Weld On ATV Motorcycle Rope Tie Trailer Truck (WR15-LOTOF14)


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FOURTEEN (14) 5000 pound Capacity, 3/8" D Ring with Weld On Bracket

You are looking at Heavy duty rope or Chain tie downs. These are coated in a zinc plating that looks real sharp, and will keep your Lashing ring from rusting!  3/8"" thick, and has a rated Capacity of  5,000 pound minimum breaking strength. Measures as follows:

A:   2-1/4" 
B:   2-1/4" 
C:   1-1/2" 
D:   1-1/2" 
E:    2-5/16" 
   3/8" Thick Loop. 
   Bracket is Raw Steel (for welding), and is 1-3/16" wide, 1-1/2" long, and 1/8" thick,.

 These would look great on your Four Wheel drive truck, Car Hauler Trailer,  Wrecker, Winch, Service truck, Boat, Boat Dock, ATV, RV Camper or even in your barn or Deer Camp.

Price is for 14 D Rings but we have plenty, buy as many as you need, We combine shipping!