15" Jammy Red Clear Hi Mount Center ID Bar 11 LED Stop Turn Tail Light Trailer Truck (J-5354-RC)


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 15" Center "High Mount" 11 LED Brake light Combination ID Bar

Part Number - J-5354-RC

(4 wire hookup)

Multi Function Rear Super bright 3 light Identification bar, That also functions as a high mount brake light. Lights up with turn signals and brake lights, Fully sealed.

Get one light that does it all! Add a extra measure of safety to any trailer!

With your headlights on, this unit acts as a normal 3 light bar.

Step on the brakes, and EIGHT SUPER BRIGHT LED's light up (between the 3 light bar) and let people know you are stopping!

And, when you are turning, 4 LED's each side blink with your turn signals, letting everyone know you plan to turn!    

ID function
 Brake function
Turn function
3 lights on
all lights on
left or right (4) leds blink with signal

These are so bright, they light up the street behind you! You wont Believe the difference it make in your SAFETY! 

The operation is simple, and wiring is a snap, easy to retro fit onto any existing trailer! 

15.50" L x 1.625" W x .75" D
11 LED 
Clear Lens
Lights Up Red 
4 Wire Hook Up