18-3/8" Long Equalizer for 2-1/2" Wide Slipper Springs for 10k GD Tandem Triple (013-140-03)


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Dexter 18-3/8" Equalizer for 2-1/2" Wide Slipper Springs used on 
10k GD Tandem Triple Axles

Part Number: 013-140-03
This kit contains: 1x Equalizer

This equalizer is to connect the slipper springs on a tandem or triple axle trailer. These are designed for 10k General Duty Dexter Axles that have leaf springs with 3/4" diameter eyes. The center hole is 1". Using these equalizers will make for 42-1/2" axle spacing. This equalizer can be used as a right or a left, it is not side specific.

Specs: (for Above Pic)
A: 18-3/8" Long
B: 1" Center Hole
C: 3/4" Bolt Hole Diameter (for Mounting Spring)