2.328" Hybrid Oil Bath Bearing Protector fits Boat Trailer Buddy Axle Vault HLS (05800U)


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2.328" Dexter "Vault" Oil Bath Protector

Part#: 05800U
MPN: 05800

This Oil Bath Protector is for Trailer Buddy Axles using the Vault HLS (Hybrid Lubrication System). It fits 2.328" Drums. These are typically used on 6 lug trailers. If you need the oil bath protector for a 5 lug trailer, click HERE. If you would like to purchase some of the Hybrid Oil that this oil bath protector uses, it can be found by clicking HERE.

These are almost always found RANGER boat trailers with 5 lug hubs. the bore in the hub is 2.328, not the more common 1.98" bore hub ( click HERE. )

  • No Service Required
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • 2.328" OD
  • Fits Trailer Buddy Axles using The Vault HLS normally Found on Ranger Trailers.

Dexter Has Bought out Vault, therefore the cap has changed in appearance. 

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