2 -3500# Trailer Axle Double Lip Grease Seals 1.719" EZ lube Dexter Transcom (10-19-LOTOF2)

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Trailer axle grease Seals, (pair) for common 3500# Trailer Axles

Part Number - K71-303-00

Double lip design, for use in most common 3500# Trailer Axles from Dexter, ALKO AXIS, QUALITY, AXLETEK and others.

Very Common Seal used in Most 3500# trailer Axles

Transcom Replacement Seal pictured, Seal Brand varies, can fit ALKO, AXIS, Dexter, and other Brand Axles:
1.719 Inch I.D. 
2.565 OD
Double Lip (for both EZ lube and Non EZ Lube trailer axles.)

Product Specs:

Double Lip Seal (for EZ lube AND normal axles)

(2)Trailer Hub Grease Seals 
Two "10-19" Seals per Package 
Double Lip Seal 

Cross-Reference Dexter # 010-019-00 (10-19) Transcom #171255TB National # 473336 NOK #AD2548EO 
Sold in Pairs, Flat shipping on one pair only, all extra seals ship for free. (Or they will ship for free if bought with other items and we put them in the same box!)
Number on seal (if any) may be any one of the numbers above, depending on Manufacterer

Please note, Some BOAT trailers use a UFP Axle. That axle takes a seal very close to this seal, but Slightly smaller ID of 1.68.
This UFP Axle is usually made from square tube, and almost always found on Boat Trailers, so if you have a boat trailer with a square tube axle, check close before buying!.