2- 6" LED Light Oval Stop Turn Tail Red Red Grommet Trailer Camper Semi RV (J-66-RK-LOTOF2)


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TWO LIGHTS with grommets and plugs!

Part Number - J-66-RK-LOTOF2

Super Bright LED 6" Oval Lights, Stop, Tail and Turn Light - Grommet Mount

RED with RED Lens

Full DOT and SAE Approval!

Auction is for TWO (1 pair) of Super Bright LED lights. These lights include the standard 3 pin plug and rubber grommet. They are a Direct Replacement for standard "sealed beam" 6" oval lights.

These are so bright, they light up the street behind you! 

The are the "standard lights" used on most Trucks and Trailers. the have the "standard" Three pin plug on back, so they should be a direct swap if you want to convert to LED!

  • Operates 9-16 Volt DC Systems
  •  10 LED Configuration
  • 100,000 Hours of Service Life
  • Sonically Sealed Polycarbonate Light Fixture
  • Energy Draw 250 Milliamps
  • Mounted Vertical, Horizontal, or 45 Degrees
  • Impact Resistant
  • Distinctive Optical and Lens Design

6.50" L x 2.20" W x 1.00" D

The oval hole required is 2 1/2 inches wide and 6 3/4 inches long. Take a 2 1/2 inch hole saw and cut two holes with the centers being 4 1/4 inches apart, and connect the two outside most edges with sawsall or hack saw or jig saw and you have an oval hole that will fit these lights.

Includes rubber Grommet and Wire Plug with Each Light 

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