2.75" x 100' Tan EternaBond Roof Repair Adhesive Tape (LRVST-2.75-100)


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2.75" x 100' Tan EternaBond Roof Repair Sealant

Part Number: LRVST-2.75-100

Eternabond is the only MICRO-SEALANT in a tape form available that will help stop most every leak or waterproof any surface within minutes.

Did you know RV roof seams require yearly maintenance? Use this roof seal over factory roof seams one time and never do roof seam maintenance again! More than 25 high-end RV manufacturers now use EternaBond products in the manufacturing of their dream machines to ensure their customers will truly have a weather tight, leak-proof Roof. 

Instructions for use:

1. Locate area needing repair or sealing.

2. Clean the surface. Allow it to dry completely. Recommended cleaners: Lacquer Thinner, Acetone, Denatured Alcohol, etc.
(If rusty, scrape or sand loose rust off, then wipe off dust.)

3. Remove release liner. But only remove enough liner for the area you are working on. Be sure to keep adhesive side clean and dry. Then apply tape to surface.

4. Apply pressure to activate bonding process. Use a steel roofers roller for best results. The firmer the pressure or rubbing applied, the faster the bond.

*NOTE: EternaBond does not stick to silicone.