2 -Complete Trailer Electric Brake Backing Plate 3500 axle 10" x 2.25" Shoe axel (10RVEBRH + 10RVEBLH)

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2-Complete Electric Trailer Brake Backing Plates 
For Standard 3500# trailer axles, 10 x 2-1/4"

Two New, complete trailer brakes assembly. Every part is included and installed! All you have to do is un-bolt your old backing plate (4 bolts) and put on this new complete package!

Backing Plates will come with a Green Wire Magnet (matches most 3500# brakes) Bolts, Nuts, and Washers!

Brake assembly for standard 3500 pound trailer axles made by Dexter, AL-KO, Lippert, AXIS Quality Rockwell, and more!

Please note, some ALKO 3500# axles have 10x1-3/4" brakes,