2 -LED 15" Slim Trailer Stop Turn Tail Brake Red Light-Clear Lens, Truck (J-535-RC-LOTOF2)


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TWO Super Bright LED Brake, Turn, Tail lights 
 15" slimline design

Red with CLEAR Lense Cover 

Full DOT ans SAE Approval!

Multi Function Rear Super bright brake, stop/turn, tail light. Lights up with turn signals and brake lights, and running lights, Fully sealed.

Add a extra measure of safety to any trailer! 

These are so bright, they light up the street behind you! You wont Believe the difference it make in your SAFETY!  I offer a money back guarantee!

The operation is simple, and wiring is a snap, easy to retro fit onto any existing trailer!

3 wires, Ground, stop/turn, and tail/marker. All Leds light, just not as bright with tail lights, and very bright with brake/turn. 

White Wire is Ground 

Brown or Black Wire is the Tail/Marker Lights

Green or Red Wire is Stop Turn 



  •       Operates 9-16 Volt DC Systems
  •      11 LED Configuration
  •      100,000 Hours of Service Life
  •      Sealed Polycarbonate Light Bar
  •      Energy Draw 250 Milliamps
  •      Mounted Vertical, Horizontal, or 45 Degrees
  •      Space / Channel Saver Design
  •      Impact Resistant
  •      Patent Pending
  •       Distinctive Optical and Lens Design
  •      Available in other colors and with clear and red lens (see my other auctions)
15.50" L x 1.60" W x .80" D