2 - Trailer Axle Spindle Seal Repair Sleeve Kit Upgrade 29749 1.98 2.56 #3 Spindo (05615)

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2 (TWO) - 2.63" Seal Spindo Seal Axle Repair Kit #3 
Part Number - 5615

Fits RARE boat trailer axles with 1.5" bearing

This will cover the worn or damaged seal area on special axles with LM29745 bearings
Basically repairing a damaged Axle seal area. 

Includes 2 new seals, and 2 new repair Sleeves

Part Number: 05615

Spindo Seal is a high quality seal system designed to end grease leakage. Seals will last many years because they ride on a permanently smooth, corrosion-proof surface constantly greased.

Kit includes:
[2] Corrosion Proof Stainless Steel Rings 
[2] Rubber O Rings
[2] Double lip Neoprene Seals to fit new Stainless steel repair sleeves. 

Read THIS:
These axles have a 
LM29749 1.50" ID inner bearing, and 2.56" OD grease seal.
The repair sleeve in this kit will easily go over the damage seal area.

Kit number 4 below:

That is enough to end Grease Leakage on one entire axle.

Inner Bearing Size: LM29749 (1-1/2" ID Bearing)
Seal Outside Diameter: 2.56" 

Below is a Diagram of How this Kit works:

Installation Instructions 

1. Lay the trailer hub on a flat surface with the inside bearing side facing upward.

2. Align the neoprene seal with the bearing hole and hammer gently with a piece of wood to push the neoprene seal into the hub.

3. Place the stainless steel ring on the spindle. Place the o-ring on the spindle in front of the stainless steel ring as shown in diagram.

4. With Spindle Seal installed, make sure spindle nut is properly tightened. If nut (and hub) is loose, Spindle Seal won’t function properly. If excessive grease leakage continues after properly tightening spindle nut, check components for wear or damage. If the problem still can’t be located, contact the factory.

5. Kits 1 and 5 come with a wire ring inside the stainless steel ring that provides extra support to the ring. In some cases, it may be difficult to insert the cotter pin after these kits have been installed. If the hub moves outward on the spindle such that a cotter pin cannot be inserted through the spindle’s castellated nut, either (1) shorten the length of the nut (2) file a deeper groove on the nut or (3) purchase a thinner cotter pin.