2-Trailer Axle Spindle Seal Repair Sleeve Kit 2000# Axel 1.98 OD #1 Spindo 44643 (05611U)

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2 - 1.98" Seal Spindo Seal Axle Repair Kit #1
Fits many 2000# Spindles (Dexter ALKO AXXIS)

Part Number: 05611U

Spindo Seal is a high quality seal system designed to end grease leakage. Seals will last many years because they ride on a permanently smooth, corrosion-proof surface constantly greased by the action of the pressurized bearing protector.

This Sleeve will repair Damages seal area on common 2000# Trailer axles (Dexter, ALKO  and others) using 1.000 inch bearings and 1.25" seals.  WILL NOT work with 1.5" seals.

Kit includes:
[2] Corrosion Proof Stainless Steel Rings, 1" shaft size, 1.319" ID (to fit over 1.25" damaged seal area)
[2] Rubber O Rings to seal sleeve to spindle
[2] Neoprene Seals to fit the new wear sleeves 1.375" ID.

That is enough to end Grease Leakage on an entire axle.

This Kit Fits:

Typical Inner Bearing Sizes: L-44643
Seal Outside Diameter: 1.98" 

This kit fits common 2000/2200 pound axles found on many trailers, using 1.0 inch bearings (L44643)and 1.25' seals.

Many 2000/2200# axles use 1-1/16" bearings (#L44649) and 1.50" ID seals. This kit WILL NOT work with that spindle! 
(the wear sleeve is 1.319", so it will NOT fit over a 1.50" damaged seal area!. They DO NOT make a kit to repair that spindle, sorry)

Kit number 1 below:

Below is a Diagram of How this Kit works: