2- Trailer RV Clearance Marker Fender Lights 1x4 OPTRON Incandescent (MC-67ARB-LOT2)


Regular price $15.99

TWO - Incandescent bi -colored amber and red clearance marker light fender mount.
The light is 4-1/8" long, and 1-1/4" tall, width is 1-1/8"
Part Number - MC67ARB

Standard 1x4 sealed light with snap in base.

This fender mount clearance/marker light takes the place of
two separate lights. The bi-colored lens functions both as
a forward facing amber clearance, and rearward facing red
marker.  The connection is single wire with a bullet end
This light has a Three year warranty. 
Price in this auction is for two light with snap in self grounding base.