2 TWO - 6” Oval Red Flange Surface Mount Stop Turn Tail 10 LED Trailer Light (J-66-FR-LOTOF2)

R & P Carriages

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TWO -  6 Red Oval Flange Mount Sealed LED Lamp 10 diode 

Part Number - J-66-FR-LOTOF2

This listing is for 2 Red lamps, White/Clear and Yellow lamps are also available

Dual Function, 3 wire, Bright (Stop/Turn) and dimmer (Tail/Marker)

White wire is Ground, Red Wire is Bright or Stop Turn and Black Wire is Dim or Running lights.

Part #J-66-FR
10 Diode Configuration
Wiring: 6" leads
Lens Color: Red
Diode Color: Red
7.5"L x 3.25"H x 1"W