New 2000# Axle Complete 5 Lug Trailer 54" Hub Face Boat Trailer Axel (2000-54-5LUG)

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R and P Carriages 270 E Jackson St Seneca IL 61360
2000# Trailer Axle with 54" Hub Face
and 5 x 4.5" Idler Hubs

Part Number: 2000-54-5LUG

Spring mounts NOT welded on, shipped loose. 
With a "note to seller", we can weld the spring seats on. Please specify the center of spring to center of other spring, top or bottom location)

Rated to 2000 pounds.
Includes 5 lug hubs (available with 4 lug hubs, just send a "note to seller")
Includes standard 1.0625 Bearings L44649, and 1.5" seal #10-60

Hub is 5 lug (or 4 lug, just let us know) with a center "pilot" dia of 2.45 inches (the hole in your wheel must be bigger than 2-1/2", pretty common)

Measures 54" from hub face to face (should be tire center to center)
Includes axle nuts and washer, bearings, dust caps, lug nuts, ALL parts.

Also very popular in camper construction, and smaller boat trailers

Price is for one axle.