NEW 2000# Trailer Axle- Dexter 54" Hub Face with 25.25" Springs on 4x4 Lug Hubs (2000-54-COMPLETE)

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New 54" Hub Face 2000# Dexter Trailer Axle Loaded with 25.25" Springs & 4x4 Hubs
Part Number: 2000-54-COMPLETE

They are USA made, standard 2000# trailer axles. They have standard 4x4" hubs. The parts for this axle are at any NAPA store! 

This axle would be perfect for someone building a small trailer to haul or pull behind a motorcycle, or any small ATV or camper type trailer. They would work well for a pontoon boat trailer axle! 

The perches are set as loose unless specified by the buyer.
Wheel centers (hub face) is 54" wide.  
Spring length is 25.25" center of eye to eye, standard 9/16" bolts. (9/16" bolts not included)
Standard 4x4 Lug Hubs*

*We can substitute the 4 lug hubs for 5x4.5" hubs at no additional cost* 

Please note:  If you want a custom axle, it will be built to your order and will take three weeks to build before we can ship. It CAN be built TO YOUR SPECS, so if you need a WIDER axle, just let me know, we will build it to fit your trailer! (may be a extra charge, please ask if you need a custom axle)