2000# Trailer Axle Brake Backing Plate Mount Flange 1.64" size spindle axel (004-034-00)

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2000 Pound Weld-On Brake Backing Plate Mounting Bracket

Part Number - 004-034-00

4 Bolt Flange Needed to Add Brakes To A Trailer.
Must Be Welded On
Backing Plate Mounts to Bracket By 4 Bolts 
Approximately a 1-5/8" Center Hole
Bracket Measures 3-3/4" x 3-3/4, holes 3" on center

Most modern 7" and 10" Electric Drum brakes use the same standard 4 bolt square flange. (7" brakes are used on 2000# axles, 10" brakes are used on 3500# Axles)

The 12"x 2" drum brakes use the Round 5 Bolt Flange  (Commonly used on 5200#, 6000# and 7000# axles).


Price is for ONE plate, buy as many as you need, free shipping when shipped with a brake kit