3/8" Bolt On D Ring, 1 Hole, 2.4K Rated (Multipack of 12) (B21-12)

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3/8" Bolt On D Ring, 1 Hole, 2.4K Rated (Multipack of 12)

Part Number - B21-12

100x 3/8" Powder Coated Bolt on D Ring 
2,400# Breaking Strength, 800# working load

These are Powder Coated D Rings that look real sharp, and will keep your lashing ring looking good for a long time!  1/4" thick, and has a rated Capacity of  2,400 pound minimum breaking strength 800# working load (DOT requires "working load" to be 1/3 of breaking strength).


These would look great on your truck, or trailer. This is not some cheap junk that you will be disappointed when you see, these are real, Commercial quality parts I install on my own trailers.


These are perfect for 4 wheeler ATV trailers, Snow Mobile trailers, or Boat and Boat Docks.



A:   2-1/4" 
B:   2-1/2" 
C:   2" 
D:   1-1/2" 
E:  Just under 7/16" (For Standard 3/8" Bolts) 
F: 1-5/8" 
G: 1-1/2" 
1/4" Thick Loop 

Bracket is 1-5/8" wide, 1-1/2" long, and 3/32" thick, and the round hole is just under 7/16" (for standard 3/8" bolts)

Max Load (MWL) is: 2,400#
Working Load is (WLL): 800#