4 Way Flat Truck to 7 way Round Trailer REVERSE Plug Light Cord Adapter (F47F)


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4 Way Truck End to 7 Way Trailer End Adapter
                       SPECIAL TRAILER PLUG ADAPTER
This adapter allows you to pull a trailer with a large 7 way round plug with your
4 flat plug on your truck.  You will have the running lights a turn signals but you
will not have brakes.  This plug consist of a 7 way female plug to hook the trailer
into and the 4 way plug on the other end that plugs into your trucks 4 way.

wiring Code
Molded Connector             Function                                      
Usual Trailer Wire
White Wire Ground White Wire
Red Wire Left Turn and Brake Yellow Wire
Brown Wire Right Turn and Brake Green Wire
Green Wire Tail Lights Brown Wire
Blue Wire Brake Power Blue Wire
Black Wire 12 volt (hot lead) Black Wire
Yellow Wire Aux. -
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