5200# Bearing Axle Kit 25580+ LM67048 1.25" Bearing Trailer Wheel & Mobile Home (BK25-225)

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ONE Dexter "Large Spindle" Mobile Home Axle Bearing kit

Part Number - BK25-225

This is a bearing set that includes:
1: LM67048, 1-1/4" ID outer bearing 
1: 67010 Race (Fits LM67048 Bearing) 
2.328 Inch O.D
1: 25580, 1-3/4" ID inner bearing
1: 25520 Race (Fits 25580 bearing)  3.265 inch OD
1: 3.376" OD x 2.250" ID Double Lipped Grease Seal (APN: 10-36)*

This auction only includes the 2.25" seal (10-36) and fits most 5200-7000# trailers made after 1999, if you need the 2.125" seal (10-10), let us know and we can substitute it. 

* Note: some axles use a 2.125" ID seal, some use a 2.250"ID seal (both have the same OD and fit all hubs of this size). It is VERY Difficult to measure a seal when the size is this close, but the 2.25" fits most axles made after 1999
Mobile home axles usually come in two "basic" sizes. This kit is for the "larger" size spindle, with the 1-3/4" bearings. You must confirm you have the 2.25" or 2.125" grease seal and/or 1-3/4" inner bearing (the smaller spindle "usually" has a 2.523" grease seal and 1-3/8" inner bearing)