6" Oval Tail Light Mount Box Guard Truck Trailer Camper Boat LIC HOLDER (LBK6-LIC)

R & P Carriages

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Set of New 14 Gauge Steel Light box Enclosures!
Part#: LBK6-LIC
The Light Box enclosures are custom made for us to use on our trailers. They are heavy 14 Gauge Steel,

Steel is formed to act as a full enclosures for the lights, with a 3/4" "lip" around the outside of the lights to protect them from impact or damage! (the number one cause of light failure on a trailer!)

The holes in the lights are STANDARD 6" oval grommet mount lights, and 2" round grommet mount side marker lights.

Set includes one left (with built in plate mount) and one right.

Can be mounted to the side, top or bottom of your trailer.

We offer volume discounts if you need more than one set. 

If you do not want the License Plate Bracket on the left side, let us know, we will send a set without.

We do have these WITH the lights, in a full on kit.

Measure just under 4"x4"x9"   Hole size is 2.25" tall and 6.75" long, and 2.25" round