6 Trailer Axle Leaf Spring Shackle Bolt Grease Eye Wet Bolt 9/16 x 3-3/8" w/Nut (007-236-01-LOTOF6)


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6 (six) Trailer Single Axle Spring WET Bolts (with Grease Fitting)  9/16 x 3-3/8" 

Bolt Steps Down to 7/16-20 with Lock Nut

Part Number: 007-236-01-LOTOF6

This is a upgraded spring and shackle bolt for common trailer leaf springs (2" Wide). This bolt is drilled out with a grease zerk on the end!  

This kit is a best fit for a tandem axle.

- 3-3/8" Long
- Steps down from 9/16" to 7/16" to prevent over tightening
- Greaseable for long lasting life