8 KIT 3500# Trailer Axle Spring Shackle Grease Type Eye "wet" Bolt 9/16 x3 (FA-7-187-KITx8)


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R and P Carriages 270 E Jackson St Seneca IL 61360

EIGHT (8) Trailer Axle Spring WET bolts (With Grease Fitting)  
9/16 x 3 with lock nut (7/16" step down)

(enough for one single axle trailer)

This is a upgraded spring and shackle bolt for Common Trailer leaf springs (1-3/4" Wide). This bolt is drilled out with a grease zerk on the end!  
(Used on most trailer axles from 2000#, 3500#, 5200#, 6000# and 7000# Axles)