12,000# Hub Only 12k 4.88 Pilot 8x6.5 Quality and Rockwell Trailer Axle Wheel (812865-A-1)


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Axle Wheel HUB ONLY for 12k Rockwell and Quality Trailer 

Part Number: 812865A-1

This Kit Contains:
1x Hub 8x6.5 Bolt Pattern with 4.88 Pilot

4.88 Pilot
6000# Capacity
8x6.5 Bolt Pattern
5/8" Stud Size
Fits #120 Spindle
Rockwell / Quality
Below is the information for this hub.
Lug Nuts: 5/8", not included
Oil Seal: CR31281, not included
Inner Bearing: 39590, not included
Inner Race: 39520 (Pressed In)
Outer Bearing: JM205149, not included
Outer Race: JM205110 (Pressed In)
Oil Bath Cap: 12011-1, not included
Grease Cap: 1201G, not included
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