Add Brakes Trailer Axle Rebuild Kit 6 x 5.5 Lug Electric Brake Backing 5200 6000 (92655-B-IMP)

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Add Brakes to Your Trailer Basic Kit with 6 x 5.5 Brake Drums and Backing Plates
Part#: 92655-B-IMP

Comes with drums, bearings and seals, Brake shoes, new hardware, 12x2 Brake backing plates, 
EVERY part for one Axle but the tube and springs!
for 5200# and 6000# axles!

Over the years, we have worked on THOUSANDS of trailers and have seen lots of failed wheel bearings that take out the drum AND the brakes. Another problem is brakes that have worn the drum, either where the shoes ride, or more often, where the magnet rubs. New magnets will not "grab" strong on grooved drums!  This is  ALL PARTS you will need for one  8 lug 6000# or 7000# axle . We almost always replace the entire assembly, it saves times, and when you are done, your brakes WORK again!

Kit Includes: 
2x 6 x 5.5 Brake Drums, Races Already Pressed in
1x Right Hand 12" Backing Plate (New Shoes, brake springs, and hardware ready to go!)
1x Left Hand 12" Backing Plate
 (New Shoes, brake springs, and hardware ready to go!)
2x 15123 Bearings (1.25")
2x 25580 Bearings (1.75")
2x 10-36 Seals (2.25")
2x 10-10 Seals (2.125")
2x 2.44" EZ Lube Dust Cap (Also Works with non-EZ Lube Axles)
12x Matching Lug Nuts

We don't just sell them, we install them every day
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Fits both Torsion and leaf spring axles!

TWO Complete brake drum and hub assemblies, includes all new bearings, Seals, Dust cap,  for one axle.   

One complete brake assembly, everything you need to replace the complete hub drum and all parts, assembled and ready to bolt on!

Fits #42 Spindle

Note: We offer two different types of brake kits. Basic Kits & Complete Kits (This Kit is Basic)
Complete Kits are for adding brakes for the first time
Basic Kits are for adding brakes to a second axle or replacing them.  

Make sure you double check that you are ordering the right bolt pattern before you pay